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The future of (Old School) Runescape?
Hi all,

The oldschool servers are only live for a couple of days but I already started to think about the future of the game. I have a clear idea about how the servers will continue but I think we're to short after the release to be able to really tell what will happen. I'm probably writing a big post about my thoughts next weekend or so.
But I made this thread because I want to know how you guys see the future of oldschool RS?
Plz share your personal opinions about its future!

I currently think the servers will end like rsc even if we hit 500k votes...
But thats just what I think Wink
Have not had the chance to play on the Old School servers (or the eoc servers since old school release) myself but from what I have seen RuneScape players seem about as seperate as North and South Korea right now.

Do you guys see this as the same thing and do you see it something that will be permanent or will blow over?

I was always skeptical of the old school servers since they announced it but it has been great to see some old "friends" come back, (I use friends loosely because i mean people I have talked to on RS and people who make YouTube videos) but do you think the return of the Old School servers has been overall positive or negative to Jagex in the past two weeks.
Currently as an eoc player I only see negative aspect of the 07 servers... The cc im in started to die after 5 years, many of my friends only play 07, dungeoneering died out aswell the 105+ world 114 merged with w77...

I only can see a positive aspect if the 07 servers start to die out and the players that returned for 07 give EOC a chance which I doubt....
I'll be the first to admit, Yes EoC is bad. But then again its really really good. Its a well though out concept and what they are trying to do with it just doesnt fit the current players. Im sorry to say but if you don't like eoc then get the hell out and stop complaining. Anyways on topic: 2007scape i feel will be around for a long time. no doubt a year, anything longer we will just have to see. Just from my experience im loving it so much. But there is going to be a point where I'm going to be like. Wow I should have spent time on Eoc-scape on my main and I could have been 2400 total (2301 now).

Tldr; eocscape is good for me, maybe not for you
07 will be around for at least at year, then people might realize they miss their 07account
I play both EoC and 07 Scape.

Nuff said, I'm on 07 for the Clanning. I'm also on EoC just cause I still like itSmile
Same I also play both. I only play RS07 the same say I play all Jagex games. Tongue But yeah I hope people will start coming back to EoC (hopefully after the free 6 months).
I personally love EoC. The old school servers were great for nostalgia, but how long until the players get bored of a game that never changes? I honestly can't see the servers being as active as they are now in around 12 months time.

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