Second Language
So I'm about to enter my second semester at college and I am double majoring n Mechanical Engineering and German. I did not do spectacular in German by the end of the first semester (Got a B so not too bad), but ths got me wondering who here speaks or intends on learning a second language and what that language is. During high school I took Spanish and dropped it like it was hot right after I finished my language requirement, but know that I realize the utility of knowing another language as well as pairing engineering with German I feel it was a good idea. The more I learn about the language the more I want to continue so this was a decision that I am very happy with.
I speak, Russian, and Ukrainian. They're different. As well as understanding Polish.

Don't forget English Big Grin
I speak dutch, english, french a bit of german and I can read some latin
I can speak English and French, a bit of Portuguese but I can understand 90% of what is being said.
I had a few years of Spanish in high school;I can just about read airport signs and remember a word here and there... I vaguely remember Hebrew from when I was a child. My wife knows three languages well and probably a half dozen more she could get directions to the nearest restaurant in...

I have been married to a Chinese woman for over 15 years and I have only been able to learn a few phrases; primarily, the husband phrases. Chinese is damned hard and I have no ear for languages.
Hmm.. from best to worst: Swedish, English, Finnish, German, French

Lol xD

Swedish and English I speak and write good, Finnish and German I can make myself understandable xD and French I only know a few words D:
I can speak english tamil telugu french and some of language to be understand

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