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Promotion Team Application Form
[Image: promoteambannersparkled-1349671232.png]

What's the Promotion team? Well the Promotion team is a brand new role of our team and your focus is...promoting! This means you'll be working with our current Social media platforms as well as future platforms.

Your primary goal will be to ensure our Social media platforms prosper, updating Facebook statuses, enticing members to join, adding new pictures, keeping up with posts on Twitter and replying where necessary.

Before you apply you need to meet these requirements:
  • You must use Americanized English. No "leet speak."
  • You have to have good knowledge of Facebook's insights and how to use Twitter properly, to maximize exposure (you need to show evidence of this)
  • You need to have time to spend on these Social networks...making a crappy little post every day or so won't cut it.
  • Good imagination, the ability to come up with clever posts.
  • 25 Forum Posts

What do I get out of this?

Upgraded forum group -You'll be moved into our own Staff team user group within the forums so that our community members know that you're one of the Promotion Team members for

Extra access & BTS Intel - You will also be given access to some hidden forums specifically for Promotion Team to discuss changes to the site and it's Social media platforms. You will also have access to our Facebook & Twitter accounts right away, you can then earn the right to have access to our YouTube channel.

Work with our GFX team - As a member of our Promotion Team, you will be teamed up with our very own GFX crew from whom you will be able to request new and exciting images from, to ever increase the feel and look of the Social Media pages.

If you feel as though you meet the above requirements and wish to join the team please fill out this form and post it as a reply.
[b]Your Username:[/b]



[b]How old are you?[/b]

[b]Which timezone are you in?[/b]

[b]How often do you visit[/b]

[b]Why would you like this role? What do you look forward to most about this role?[/b]

[b]Why do you think you're suited for this role? What could you bring to the staff team at[/b]

[b]Link to any Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube pages you manage:[/b][i]Please don't link me to personal profiles; only pages.[/i]
Please take your time with this, the person that spends 20 minutes and writes thoughtful responses will be chosen over the person that barely writes in complete sentences.

If you have any questions about this position feel free to PM me and I'll be sure to answer you ASAP.

Promoting the Promotion Team,
Just looking for 1 person to fill this role!
If you're in experienced video maker then that would make your application 1000x times better. Smile

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