AotM Closed - Until Further Notice
Hey everybody, this isn't something I wanted to write and held off as long as I could, but it's gotten to the point where I can no longer justify keeping Achievement of the Month open. This doesn't mean it won't open again in the future, when activity on the forums picks back up.

I've decided to close AotM mainly because there isn't enough nominations or votes. This is also partly in fact because the majority of deserving winners would be staff anyway, which wouldn't make sense because the goal of this is to reward the members in our community that stand out.

When I decide to re-open AotM we may decide to include the Signature of the Week in it, thus making it Signature of the Month. Would you guys like that?

Thanks to everyone that nominated/voted over the past few months,
There isn't anything worthy of a nomination in my opinion.
Jim for sig of the month.
Sad to see this closed.

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