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  Forums Updated
Posted by: Geo - 09-02-2014, 05:35 AM - Forum: Announcements & Important Information - No Replies

The forums have been updated to MyBB 1.8.

I have also made some changes around the forums:

  • All signatures have been purged,
  • All ex-staff have been moved to Honoured or Elder,
  • Deleted all un-activated accounts,
  • Deleted all banned accounts,
  • Re-enabled registration and reCaptcha,
  • Removed a bunch of spam posts and accounts,
  • Consolidated staff forums and archives.
If anyone is interested in Zaffre - let me know.

Forum stats are seen here: http://www.zaffre.net/community/stats.php

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  Global Forum Rules
Posted by: Geo - 12-30-2011, 05:55 PM - Forum: Announcements & Important Information - No Replies

Table of Contents

These forum rules are enforced across the entire Zaffre.net forums, by using these forums you are agreeing to follow these rules. If for any reason you do not follow these rules your forum account may be suspended permanently. We reserve the right to delete any topics or posts that do not follow our rules.

Zaffre.net are not responsible for any messages posted on the forums. We cannot not guarantee the accuracy of any message posted on these forums, you are using these forums at your own discretion. Any messages posted do not necessarily express the attitudes and values of Zaffre.net but rather express those of the author. We will make every effort to maintain the forum rules across the entirety of the forums and uphold a strong and pleasant community.

We also expect users to post in the correct forum categories and create messages that are understandable. Destructive or annoying behaviour may result in a forum ban. Spamming will not be tolerated. Do not share your forum account with anybody else and do not create a duplicate.

Individuals who break the rules highlighted below will have their warning level on the forums increased, receive a temporary suspension, or for more persistent or serious rule breakers a permanent forum ban. Banned users will have the right to appeal their ban once. You will always receive a personal message or email in conjunction with any punishment for rule breaking you may receive.

We are providing a complementary service to make your gaming more enjoyable. All we ask is that you follow our rules and remain courteous to forum staff and other users.

All users have the right to report other users privately - there is a reporting feature on topics and posts which users can use to report posts they deem unacceptable.

The forum policy is not limited to these written lines: administrators, moderators, and staff may enforce reasonable punishment (at their own discretion) on users who put other users, or the forums, at risk. We are not responsible for the actions of any users on the forums.

A privacy policy is also available.

Rule 1
Rule 1 Wrote:Do not create more than one account on Zaffre.net, there is no need for more than one account. If for any reason you cannot access your account you can use the forgotten password tool or contact an administrator. Creating a duplicate will lead to the deactivation of all accounts you have registered.

Rule 2
Rule 2 Wrote:Do not share your account with anybody. The account you register is for yourself and to use alone. This is for your own security. If someone else wants to access the forums they can easily make an account. Keep your password safe and to yourself. Sharing your account may lead to account suspension.

Rule 3
Rule 3 Wrote: Respect the rules of RuneScape and player safety. Do not post topics or messages condoning the breaking of the official RuneScape rules or motivating others to do so. Do not promote any illegal RuneScape activity such as bots, real-world trading, or account scamming.

Rule 4
Rule 4 Wrote:Do not submit inappropriate material on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to: flaming, profane, hateful, racist, or sexually orientated material. Do not post copyrighted material you do not own the rights to or have permission to share - this includes content from other fansites and forums. Further action may be taken against those who breach copyright or relevant laws. We will also work with relevant laws and safeguarding our users. This website is hosted and distributed from the USA, and the origin is the UK; we'll work with the appropriate laws and privacy laws of both countries. We will not tolerate the promotion or condoning of dangerous or unlawful acts. For the most-part this will be at moderator discretion. Employ common sense when posting.

Rule 5
Rule 5 Wrote:Do not plagiarise or impersonate. Do not post content written by other people or impersonate anybody on the forums.

Rule 6
Rule 6 Wrote:Do not put the security of other forum users at risk. Posting anything that may put other forum users at risk is strictly against the rules.

Rule 7
Rule 7 Wrote:Do not make personal threats. Causing other forum users to doubt or worry about their safety is strictly prohibited. This includes their internet and personal life safety.

Rule 8
Rule 8 Wrote:Use the forums appropriately. Do not spam, make unnecessary topics, or use the forums for anything they are not intended for.

Rule 9
Rule 9 Wrote:Do not post on behalf of other people. This includes, but is not limited to, posting on behalf of banned members or RuneScape players that don't use the forums.

Rule 10
Rule 10 Wrote:Follow all the rules even in private messages. Unless otherwise stated these rules all apply to private messaging on the forums. These rules apply to Zaffre.net in all entirety. Where we think a user may be at risk - your private messages may be reviewed by a administrator, only in extreme circumstances.

Rule 11
Rule 11 Wrote:Advertise with caution. You may only advertise other fansites, clans, or websites on the forums if they clearly link back to Zaffre.net on their index/home page. You may not advertise any websites that breach RuneScape rules or condoning the breaching of them. All websites linked must be safe for forum users to use. We are not responsible for any external links you may visit as a result of using these forums.

Rule 12
Rule 12 Wrote:Only use the English language on these forums. Any content you post on these forums must be in English so that all users can make the most of the content. We do understand that English isn't everyone's primary language but this is the best way to maintain the forums for the majority of RuneScape players.

Rule 13
Rule 13 Wrote:No huge signatures. The combined height of images in your signature should be no more than 300pixels and the width should never be above 600pixels. Administrators may use their discretion to edit signatures appropriately.

Signature Size Limit: Height - 300px / Width - 600px (Combined sized including all content in the signature)

Rule 14
Rule 14 Wrote:No Baseless Accusations This is about employing integrity. Unless you have irrefutable proof, do not accuse or attack any other player. This includes naming people in a derogatory manner. If you have evidence of someone cheating, report them in-game to Jagex, do not make threads or posts on the forums.

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