Full Version: Money Making Guide 6 900k - 1300k p/Hr Commentary
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Video title: [RS] Money Making Guide 6 | 900k - 1300k p/Hr | Commentary
Guide for: Making 900k - 1300k per hour
Category: Money , Easy , Red Dragons

This video will show you how to make 900k - 1300k an hour. You will be killing red dragons very efficiently too make massive profits. This guide is perfect for people with the below requirements.
70 + Attack Strength Defence HP
Preferably a cannon + cannonballs
Ability to put your house in Brimhaven for quick trips
Further information is included in the video Smile

Also remember to bring either bandos or some sort of melee barrows armour. If not , bring proselyte and a prayer potion.

Have you deducted the value of Cannonballs to make sure the profit per hour is correct?
Yes , i have done the calculations and updated the profit per hour.

Is this better than Frost Dragons?
Yes and No. Yes because it does not require as high of stats to do such as 85 Dungeoneering. No because with frost dragons , you have the ability to make more money an hour.

Is this method safe?
Yes , the only way you can die is if you are not paying attention or you do not meet the requirements i have listed.

I really want to use this method but i can afford some of the items needed or i dont have the skill requirements , what should i do?
Well i have some other guides on my channel if you need extra cash or that extra boost in combat levels Smile

Channel link:
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